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Houston Texans March Scouting Report
David Trojanowsky

Have the Texans signed better talent via free agency? The D-line starters have been switched out save DE Will Anderson Jr. I believe the best upgrades so far are LB Danielle Hunter and LB Azeez Al-Shaair. Others added are D-line and cornerback depth. RB Joe Mixon has joined the offense via trade.

Missing upgrades include Safety and guard depth. The Texans re-structured ORT Titus Howard’s contract Good Friday morning to free up 10 MM of cap cash. They now have 27 MM of cap cash available to make a significant move!

Without interior offensive line upgrades, good Ds will again wreak havoc against the Texans’ pass protection and running game. Last year the safety play was poor.

Looking toward the Draft the Texans have two second round picks. I’m told that from the 15th selection of the first round through the third round the talent is about the same. The Texans look to fill those three picks with a DT, WR, CB, and/or OG.

Lots of news in March, expecting much more in April. Stay tuned.


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