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We have arranged for several feature writers to provide their thoughts on a wide variety of fantasy-related topics. These topics will include drafting strategies, commissioner tips, rookie reviews, and free agent analysis as well as other fantasy discussions.

Michael Nazarek, FF Mastermind

Mike is the CEO and President of Fantasy Football Mastermind Inc. He has 35 years fantasy experience including 31 fantasy championships in 11 different leagues and is a long-time member of the Pro Football Writers of America. Most recently, he won the FanEx Championship in 2022 with Chris Rito (6th time in the last 14 years).  He also won the FFWebMasters 14-team Non-PPR Experts league in 2020 (2-time winner). He won the FanEx Championship in 2016 with Chris Rito.  He and Steve Yerger won the Huddle Experts IDP League in 2016 and the HAFAX Experts Dynasty IDP Auction league in 2010, 2014, 2017, & 2018. He won the Huddle Expert 12 league in 2014 & 2015.  He also won the FanEx Overall Championship in 2009 with Chris Rito and won the SOFA IDP Experts league in 2008, while finishing Runner-Up in the SOFA Classic Experts league, FFWebMasters 14-team Experts league, and the FanEx Online league. His primary claim to fame is the fact that he won the Experts League title for FOUR CONSECUTIVE SEASONS (2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007). retired the league after 2007 for unknown reasons, making Nazarek the ONLY winner of that league in the four years of its existance.  He finished Runner-Up in the FanEx Online league in 2007. He finished Runner-Up in both the FFWebMasters 14-team Experts league and the FanEx Alpha league in 2006. He won the FF Index Magazine Mock Draft Best Ball league by 15.5 games in 2005. He and Chris Rito won the FanEx Overall Championship for the first time in 2004. He's also won the the very tough 14-team Experts Fantasy League (2003), a high stakes league title in the Fantasy Jungle (2003), the 1st annual Site Owners Fantasy Association (SOFA) Experts League (2000 & first runner-up in 2005) and the Showcase Re-Drafter Experts League (SRL-American - 1999). He led team FF Mastermind to league best records in SOFA and Experts leagues in 2001. Mike has been a contributing author for many fantasy football magazines, including Fantasy Football Pro-Forecast, Power Ranking System Fantasy Football Report, and Fantasy Football Draftbook II as well as a periodic columnist for's Fantasy Central feature for five seasons. Mike's goal for Services has never wavered... to provide comprehensive fantasy football information via the Internet, while having fun in the process. Although he is married (30 years) with no children, two dogs keep him quite busy at times.

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John Cooney - Exclusive Senior Staff Writer & Scout

John Cooney entered the world of fantasy football in 1989, enjoying immediate success, winning a championship 2-out-of-3 years (1989, 1991) of action. After a 3-year sabbatical from fantasy football (1992-94), he accepted an invitation to get back into fantasy football (1995) and immediately garnered another title. Since jumping back into the sport in '95, his fantasy teams have participated in post season play every season until this past campaign, where he fell short for the first time. (21 consecutive seasons). In-all he's been strategically fortunate to have made it into 9 championship appearances, resulting in an 8-1 title record.  Compelled to channel his talent and passion for the game and possessing an education in communications and broadcasting (Temple Univ. in Phila, PA), he worked-up and implemented a plan for a fantasy football radio program. The kick off of "Fantasy Football Breakdown" took place in 1998. In 1999, he was joined in the studio by former Boston University QB Kevin Foley, brother of former Jets/Seahawks' QB Glenn Foley. The radio program ran for three years on 2 Philadelphia radio stations, growing each year. Along with writing, supporting (advertising) and hosting the radio program he served as the football "expert" for South Jersey Sports. Life events (marriage, new business venture) necessitated a break from the studio, with every intention of getting back in studio and on the air after two seasons. In 2003 he was diagnosed with throat cancer. Thankfully, John survived the daunting battle but not without consequences. Radiation and surgical side effects compromised and greatly hampered his ability to speak clearly, ending the broadcasting dream. However the passion for football and fantasy football in particular continued to burn brightly. Not one to sit idly by, he set into action a plan to move into a writing career and was fortunate to be given the opportunity with Michael Nazarek and Fantasy Football Mastermind.  John has a talent for identifying unknown players, bench guys and risky prospects that are ready to show their stuff, recognizing hidden gems before they "breakout". Player Analysis & Scouting Service (PASS - is the culmination of 22 years of fantasy football success and 5 great years of writing for Fantasy Football Mastermind. As an astute judge of talent and possessing a "scout's eye", PASS translates individual skills, performances and environments of football players on the field (and off) into fantasy football relevance. Teaming up with Michael Nazarek at Fantasy Football Mastermind, PASS becomes a "scouting arm" of FFM, enhancing the great work produced by FFM while expanding Jon's own fantasy football knowledge and expertise. PASS is fantasy football's personal scouting service and along with Fantasy Football Mastermind fantasy footballers now have the most complete, fresh and unique player evaluation service in the business. John lives this; not perfect but truly excellent.

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John Holler - Exclusive Senior Staff Writer

John is a sports writer and sports talk radio host. He has worked for, among others, Viking Update – a website and monthly magazine devoted to the Minnesota Vikings. He was a beat writer who covers both the Vikings and the rest of the NFL for both the print and web publication. He also hosted a weekday sports talk show on 1390 The Fan Radio in St. Cloud, Minn. The show ran noon to 2 p.m. Central Time and can be accessed on-line at the 1390 The Fan website. He spent six years as staff writer for the St. Cloud (Minn.) Times, where he was both a sports and entertainment writer. He has written one book “Minnesota Vikings Facts and Trivia”and was a contributing writer to two other books -–"War Stories From the Field” and “Hit and Tell: War Stories of the NFL’s Wildest Players” from Foghorn Press, San Francisco. John has written several magazine articles for regional and national magazines, including several in “SLAM” and “BLITZ” magazines out of New York and several college fan magazines under the FOX Sports banner. John is our NFL Inside Slant Guru and also pens his weekly column “A Holler From the Cheap Seats” seen exclusively in the Weekly Newsletter, as well as regular off-season columns on free agency, the draft and contributes articles and analysis for our annual pre-season guide. John plays “officially” in just one fantasy league – which he routinely dominates because he never strays from his list of best available players and has gained a reputation for putting together blockbuster trades of his mid-round talent for one stud that annually makes him feared among his veteran leaguemates. He has won his championship four of the last six years and has led his league in scoring five years running.

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P Hangin in the Red Zone -- 7/7/2023
P The Ten Demandments - God (as told by John Holler) -- 7/7/2023

Brent Lathrop - Exclusive Staff Writer

You won't find many, if any, guys that have played fantasy football longer than Brent Lathrop. He started playing in 1990 in a six-team, touchdown only league that has turned into a keeper league. He's a fantasy fanatic, but isn't one of those guys that joins 15-leagues every season. He likes to keep it simple and concentrate on the 3-4 leagues he's in, including a dynasty league. A Rams fan since their days in L.A., Brent enjoys watching Steven Jackson run over defenders and Torry Holt catch balls with ease and grace. To Brent the NFL is the ultimate sport and loves nothing more than sitting in front of several T.V.'s on a Sunday afternoon. Brent is our Keeper Korner Dynasty league specialist!

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P 2023 Dynasty/Keeper Fantasy Rankings -- 9/1/2023 UPDATED!

Chris Rito - Exclusive Staff Writer & Scout

Chris is a pharmaceutical research scientist by day and a complete sportsaholic and fantasy football junkie by night...and actually most of the day, too. He is happily married to a beautiful lady who patiently tolerates his obsession (and late night calls from the Mastermind LOL), and he is occupied in his "free time" by six kids and a couple of spastic little house dogs. Chris is probably best known in fantasy football circles as the fearless prognosticator for over 20 years on the fortunes of the Indianapolis Colts for FFMastermind, as well as the co-host of the Mastermind Edge podcast for the past 11 seasons. He also is a member of the Pro Football Writers of America and the FanEx experts' league, and for years served on FanEx's Executive Committee and as commissioner. Chris also teams with Mike Nazarek in FanEx where they together are the only SIX-time champions of FanEx, including this past season. Together they have been a division champ 10 out of the last 17 seasons and have made the finals nine times as well. He is in his 31st year of playing fantasy football (usually playing in 4+ leagues each season), and his 29th serving as commissioner of several local and national leagues. Known in some circles as "Da Commish", his lifetime records include 27 fantasy championships, many more championship game appearances, and a career .628 (1093-646-2) winning percentage.

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Steve Yerger - Exclusive Staff Writer & IDP Specialist

Steve resides in Hershey, Pennsylvania with his wife Lisa, a 20 year old son and a 4.5-year old son. In the real world, Steve is an accountant for the Pennsylvania Insurance Department and is a Penn State graduate and also an Army veteran. He began playing fantasy football while deployed to Bosnia in 1998. He quickly became hooked and expanded into many different league types; IDP, dynasty, auction, etc. IDP leagues became a personal favorite by 2002, as he focused his efforts on learning all there was to know about IDP. These efforts quickly bore fruit, as he became a nationally published fantasy football writer and has contributed IDP content to several fantasy football sites. 2019 will be his 11th official season writing for FF Mastermind.

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P Drafting Strategies for IDP Leagues -- 7/7/2023
P Mastermind IDP Sleepers, Creepers, & Impact Rookies -- 8/28/2023 UPDATED!

Eddie Rex - Exclusive Staff Writer

Eddie Rex is a complex guy. The pseudonym masks a longtime radio journalist and former sports editor who has a dirty little secret -- an addiction to fantasy football. And in particular, an addiction to making late-round picks that prompt league ridicule AND a high winning percentage. He has flirted with Joe Montana's wife, got Jerry Rice to pose in the nude and kissed Willie Mays on the top of his stubbly head -- and yes, one of those three things is a lie.

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P Change your Fantasy Season with 5 Guys No One Wants -- 8/21/2023 NEW!

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